The Night of the Big Wind

The Night of the Big Wind by Claffey | Christofi Dance

New Movements, DanceHouse (30 August 2013)

Supported by Dance Ireland

Filmed by Design for Life

Directed by Ailish Claffey

Performed by Alicia Christofi-Walshe, Deirdre Griffin, Lucia Kickham and Catherine Young

The Night of the Big Wind

Dublin Dance Festival 2014 | Re-presenting Ireland

Claffey | Christofi Dance recreated and presented this adaptation of The Night of the Big Wind for DDF 2014 as part of Re-Presenting Ireland.

Supported by Dance Ireland

Directed by Alicia-Christofi Walshe

Performed by Ailish Claffey,¬†Deirdre Griffin, Magda Hylak, Lucia Kickham,Bridget Madden, Jade Roxanne O’Connor and Catherine Young